Topic: Notebook connection sharing Windows internet

Hi, I would like to connect 2 notebooks which have internet connection. The problem is: The old notebook has a wifi with external antenna connector. It is for connection (for bigger distance by wifi). I would like the new one to connect it with the old one by cable (it should be cross-bred, I suppose?). Is it necessary to create a net bridge between the wifi and net card? So what will be the configuration of IP, DNS, default gateway on net cards when wifi is:
IP address
default gateay

Used operating systems are Windows. Will it work at all? I have no experience with it. Thanx


Re: Notebook connection sharing Windows internet

Configure net share by wizard of net setting configure sharing on PC with internet connection. There is a guidebook for this. Or you can do it manually, by configuration panel of wireless net card (second card – allow sharing..). You don’t have to bridge anything, it’s enough when you set the adaptor which  issupposed to sharer the connection. The ethernet card shouold in your case get this address and if you enable DHCP the second statioin wili get the Ip automaticaly  from the first one.

By the way, setting this up on a  WindowsXP mashine can nbe fun, because sometimes it just doesnt work eve thou everything is set up correctly. Thats experiannce talking. Good luck