Topic: 802.11n PCI Suggestion

Hi, I have been looking for a 802.11n card for the better part of a week now. I think my problem is the card I would like just doesn’t exist. I’ve been trying to find a compromise, but to no luck finding anything worth while so far. I’m running Vista Ultimate 64 and Ubuntu Live. I’m looking for a card that will work with BOTH. I don’t expect to be able to monitor or inject in Vista, but I would like it to just function as a normal wireless card. I do want to be able to be able to use aircrack, airdump, etc in Ubuntu. I rather not get a pre-n card but either a draft one or two though i have yet to find any available draft two cards yet. Also looking for Atheros chipset but that is not a must I was specifically looking for the AR5008 or AR9006, but had doubts about availability of AR9006 and its support. Any advice on a card is appreciated thanks a lot!

Edit: PCI or PCIe is ok I will be using this in my desktop at home.

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Re: 802.11n PCI Suggestion

Get out of mind the N pre-N etc. Go & Shoppy Ubquiti SuperRange Cardbus or miniPCI (300mW). If’ll come something better you can turn to the card with higher rank or rate 🙂


Re: 802.11n PCI Suggestion

Thanks for the reply, I didn’t see a Ubquiti 802.11n card but I haven’t had much time to look yet. I will definately check them out further later tonight. I may just have to break down and buy two cards as much as I didn’t want to.