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Hello all

Cracking WPA using this technique works? Here is what I do.

3 cmd windows open in the C:Aircrack> directory. (1) Airserv-ng (2) Airodump-ng (3) Aireplay-ng.

(1): airserv-ng -d "commview.dll|debug" -p (port number can be anything from 1 – 65565) -c 1
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(2): airodump-ng -w (capture file name) –ch (channel of the AP) from server)

(3): aireplay-ng -0 10 -a (BSSID) -c (CLIENT MAC) from server)
     {enter} / (not recommended) aireplay-ng -0 10 -a

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Re: Crack WPA Windows CommView

Hi Simon.

The "CommView obstruction" is for me just experimental thing, it exist by virtue of bright man whose find out this teq.. For realy "hacking" (cracking WEP) download your first live Linux distro & Start "real life". (If you can’t, try to download spanish GUI tool ERW-2.1)

Anngoro thx for echo.


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Ok thanks for the Info.

If this was intended for pentesting all encryption types, would it work with WPA aswel as WEP?

Just thought it would be a good Idea to research into the technique specificly for wep to help users secure and learn about there wireless networks under WPA. Any feedback from this would help me look into building a program that would allow this to happen on windows aslong as an Aetheros Adapter is present with the commview driver.

Thanks  🙂

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Re: Crack WPA Windows CommView


Airodump-ng & Aireplay-ng works with WEP and WPA too 🙂 Of course. Does it your WiFi card?


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Interesting topic – but cracking wep and also wpa in win would be also possible if we had right tools because for example with my card which I bought some time ago (type and brand was recommended on this forum btw:-) packet injection works fine but I was unable to find full version of wepkr (I have only demo) and I don’t have wpakr. So if someone have those two plugins (and full versions of those of course) it vould be interesting to test it and compare with linux in performance. Johny22