Topic: FAQ Sniffer

I want to sniff wi-fi traffic. Is it possible with a Asus wifi hardware?
No. 99% of Asus wifi cards do not use supported chipsets or drivers.

I’m playing arouond with , but all I managed to catch is influenza.
Cain is useless without the right combination of driver and hardware that is able to switc into the promiscuous mode [Z-Com, Orinoco]. If you cannot connect to the network, you’ll catch nothing.

The card I use has an Atheros chipset. Can I sniff in WinXP?
It is not known that a thing called sniffing (in promisc mode) with Atheros – Windows combination works. That is why you wont see anything in Wireshark, Ethereal, Ettercap, Cain except multicasts and your own traffic. Without the promisc mode you can njust do icmp redirect (see Ettercap).

Is the Centrino chipset capable of sniffing?
In Windows XP miniPCI express Intel PRO Wireless (IPW) 3945 works. The original Intel -u driver is needed. It was tested with OmniPeek application. But the sniffing doesn’t work in Linux under Ubuntu, but in Backtrack 2 Final it DOES work. The promiscuous mode and packet injection.

More info about sniffing can be found in the list of wifi adapters.

Useful applications (Wireshark, Cain, TCPdump,.. ) are described in the article Sniffing & Data Analysis.