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XSS pentest plug in – Cross-Site Scripting

xss exploit Cross-Site Scripting is an extensive topic that has been described in the past by several people. Although there is a but. I open a page and start to read a cool text, lots of examples and nice colours all around. But after one hour of reading you are still at the begining. So why after reading AirDump tutorial you should manage XSS in a while? This will be answered in this text called Hacking web applications – XSS. First of all most of the tutorials that can be found on the web are focused on technical and theoretical aspects.

Reverse Engineering Linux

black hat Linux application cracking. What for it is? Primarily the application run can be understund. Not all Linux software is free (Macintos ? :). That could be for someone a challange and he can “converte” the application on freeware.
This experience can be used on other systems (Windows). With this knowledge you will be able to precisely tune applications and gain control on new boxes.