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Katalog pro December, 2008

Testing 5 wireless cards for wifi hacking

WiFi PCMCIA pro hacking Hi everyone. The financing system and the cooperatin surprisingly started to work for you. Thanks to this there was bought or handed few wifi cards so now you can read a comparison of wireless cards in this text. Hopefully it will save you some money in future investments.  Buying another hardware is coming soon. So before starting to write I ask you, devoted portal, forum or IRC channel users to stay tuned. More stuff is coming. Tested wireless card, metodic, 5dB omni & 17dB yagi wireless antenna..

Advanced Cross-Site Scripting

Cross-Site Scripting XSS Cross Site Scripting by Anton Rager. XSS is typically perceived as a minimal threat by many developers and security professionals. There have been some good papers in the past that should have woken folks up to the potential risks of XSS, but the problem is still prevalent and most security folks are not interested in the issue and its ramifications. I hope to change that perception with this paper and the release of a tool called XSS-Proxy that allows XSS attacks to be fully controlled by a remote attacker.