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Katalog pro February, 2013

Installing ipkg & mc (Midnight Commander & more) NAS Synology DS212j

NAS Synology pentesting Those, who are serious about generating hashs for pentesting WPA, for sure run a NAS server, in other words they have a storage with TBs of free space. NAS, made by Synology, is coming to be very user-friendly (especially after the possibility of upgrade to DSM 4.x). Unfortunately, there are still (obvious) components missing. Because we are talking about Linux serever, one of presumed possibilities are packets, an option to install software, or more precisely the opportunity to install a third party apps. But you cannot do such things with NAS, they are not even oficially supported.

Wifite WEP & WPA password key cracker

wifitev2Wifite v2 support for cracking WPS-encrypted networks (via reaver), v2 new WEP attacks, more accurate WPA handshake capture, various bug fixes. Version 2 does not include a GUI, so everything must be done at the command-line. Designed and tested on Linux; works with Backtrack 5, BlackBuntu, BackBox, and Pentoo! Linux only; no windows or OSX support (but you’re welcome to try). Wifite was mentioned in the New York Times’ article “New Hacking Tools Pose Bigger Threats to Wi-Fi Users” Here is a link to the article.